April 30, 2017
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When it comes to Divorce, turnabout is fair play. TVLine has learned exclusively that Becki Newton is boarding the series as a new squeeze for SJP’s TV spouse Thomas Haden Church (aka Robert). Per sources, the Ugly Betty MVP will join Season 2 in the recurring role of Jackie, a successful realtor who starts dating Robert.

In addition to her breakthrough role as Amanda on ABC’s late, great Ugly Betty, Newton’s small-screen credits include a recurring gig on How I Met Your Mother and series-regular stints on the short-lived comedies Love Bites, The Goodwin Games and Weird Loners.

 Divorce‘s 10-episode second season is slated to bow later this year.
April 15, 2016
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Becki has been cast as the female lead in Fox’s Winning Ugly comedy pilot from 20th Century Fox Television. Synopsis below:

Written by Case and directed by Malcolm D. Lee, the untitled inter-racial family comedy (fka My White Wife And Kids) follows Jay “Havoc” Hammond, an African American, ex-NFL lineman who recently moved in with his white wife, Christy (Newton), and her two oddball sons, as he struggles to win the most challenging game of his life: fatherhood. Gorgeous, smart, and strong with a soulful depth, Christy is a psychologist who works with athletes to help overcome anything from an addiction to drugs to an addiction to food.

The project is based on Case’s experience as a teenager growing up with a black stepdad, an ex-football player, who married his white mom.

May 27, 2015
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FOX has decided to break up with their Weird Loners sitcom. It’s been cancelled after a short season of six episodes. A single-camera comedy, Weird Loners revolves around a quartet of underdogs who find themselves single while most of their peers are married and starting families. They’re played by Becki Newton, Meera Rohit Kumbhani, Nate Torrence, and Zachary Knighton.

The series debuted on March 31st to poor ratings and registered a 0.7 rating in the 18-49 demographic with 1.89 million viewers. As bad as that was, the numbers got even worse in later weeks and fell as low as a 0.53 rating with 1.21 million viewers.

FOX has now pulled the plug on the series. The last episode aired this week, on Tuesday, May 5th.

January 19, 2015
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The series focuses on the connected lives of New Yorkers in their 30s. The four “quasi-underdogs” eventually experience an unexpected friendship. The main character is Caryn Goldfarb, played by Becki Newton from “Ugly Betty,” who is an attractive dental hygienist. Her issue why she does not have a love life is because of her idealistic expectations when it comes to romantic relationships.

The first man of the group is Stosh Lewandoski, played by Zachary Knighton from “Happy Endings,” who was a Wall Street player until he makes a mistake of sleeping with his boss’ fiancée. He is a ladies man because of his charm and brains. He finds it difficult to be with just one woman. His antics lead him to lose his condo, and he has no choice but to stay with his cousin Eric Lewandoski, played by Nate Torrence from “Hello, Ladies.” Eric is sweet, but he spent most of his life at home with old parents. After he became an orphan, he feels lost. There is light at the end of the tunnel when he meets Zara Sandhu, played by Meera Khumbhani, while buying her painting. Sandhu seems to make heartbreaking as a career. She used to live in the moment because she is aware of her striking good looks. Men, and women, tend to fall in love with her, but she does not last long with them.

Variety wrote that Katie Aselton from “The League” will be a guest star. Her role April is a beautiful and perky bisexual. She will appear in the sixth episode. “Weird Loners” is written and produced by Michael Weithorn from “King of Queens.” Jake Kasdan also is the executive producer of the series.

There you have it for the scoop on “Weird Loners,” which will premiere on Tuesday, March 31, 2015, on FOX.

May 16, 2014
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So happy for this! Take a first look at FOX’s new series Weird Loners which premieres this 2014-2015 TV season. Sounds great! Can’t wait!

WEIRD LONERS is a new single-camera comedy about four relationship-phobic, quasi-underdog 30-somethings who are unexpectedly thrust into one another’s lives, forming unlikely bonds in a Queens, NY, townhouse. CARYN GOLDFARB (Becki Newton, “Ugly Betty”) is a cute, but high-strung dental hygienist whose romantic life, unfortunately, is dictated by the love-crazed, ultra-romantic 13-year-old barricaded inside the control room of her brain. Each time a handsome new man crosses her field of vision, infatuation and extreme over-eagerness take over, and she inevitably winds up back at square one – single and not getting any younger. Wall Street player – that is, until he romances his boss’ fiancée and gets unceremoniously canned – STOSH LEWANDOSKI (Zachary Knighton, “Happy Endings”) is handsome, charming and whip-smart. He’s a serial seducer who has never been able to maintain an intimate relationship with a woman for very long – a couple of hours, usually. When Stosh’s shenanigans result in him losing his corporate condo, he winds up moving in with his cousin, ERIC LEWANDOSKI (Nate Torrence, “Hello, Ladies”), a sweet, odd man-child. Thus far, Eric’s adult life has consisted of living at home with elderly parents and working as a toll collector on the Queensboro Bridge. After both of his parents pass away, he finds himself cast adrift in the world for the first time. On a Stosh-mandated mission to redecorate their dated apartment, Eric strikes up a friendship with ZARA SANDHU (newcomer Meera Khumbhani), while buying one of her paintings on the street. Drop-dead gorgeous, mysterious and ethereal, Zara is a lifelong heartbreaker who’s only capable of living one way – “in the moment.” Men and women fall in love with her on a regular basis, and she often reciprocates their feelings with great passion, until… she doesn’t. As fate would have it, Eric lives next door to Caryn, who finds herself unable to resist one of Stosh’s particularly ill-timed advances, putting the kibosh on her pending engagement to a kind, but boring, father of two. The split leaves her single, again, and in need of a roommate, prompting Zara to move in, and bringing together these four people who, each for their own distinct reasons, are solo singles when most of their peers are well along the path of marriage and family. Perhaps they are “weird loners,” as Stosh points out, or maybe they are just real people with messy, imperfect lives whose new friendships with each other already are changing their individual trajectories for the better. WEIRD LONERS is produced by 20th Century Fox Television. The series is created and written by Michael J. Weithorn (“The King of Queens”). Weithorn, Jake Kasdan (NEW GIRL, “Bad Teacher”) and Melvin Mar (NEW GIRL) serve as executive producers. Kasdan directed the pilot.

PRODUCTION COMPANIES: 20th Century Fox Television
CREATOR/WRITER: Michael J. Weithorn
EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Michael J. Weithorn, Jake Kasdan, Melvin Mar
DIRECTOR: Jake Kasdan
CAST: Becki Newton as Caryn, Zachary Knighton as Stosh, Nate Torrence as Eric, Meera Khumbhani as Zara

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