September 18, 2013
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Hey guys! We’re sorry we haven’t gotten The Goodwin Games episodes screencaps up but we were super busy but we’re trying to catch up so stay tuned!

July 4, 2012
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Today it’s Becki’s birthday! She’s turning 34 this year! Becki we wanted to wish you happiness, health, luck and everything you dream to come true, you deserve all the success in the world because you’re absolutely an amazing person and such a talented an gorgeous actress! We love you! Have an amazing birthday! Happy Birthday once again Becki! We love you so much!

April 8, 2012
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Hi everyone! First of all we’re sorry if we haven’t updates in quite sometime but we were very very busy and we also had some issues with the site :( We’re still having issues accessing the ftp so we can upload the photos, we contacted our wonderful host and we’re wating for a reply so please stay tuned cause there’s a lot in store! Becki is currently on How I Met Your Mother, a show we adore and we’re working on getting the stills and caps up in the Gallery! We’re so excited for what’s coming, hopefully she’s get a bigger part on the show!

August 7, 2011
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We wanted to let you guys know that we’re merging our site with since the old owner quit the site so there will be a lot of adds in the Gallery these upcoming weeks. We’re really excited for this. We’ll post more updates about how things proceed soon! Thank you for your patience!

December 31, 2010
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Just wanted to wish Becki & everybody that visits us a very happy new year and may all your dreams come true and hope that this year will be full of happiness and health for everybody! Thank you again for visiting us, you are truly amazing and we love you guys and we’re so grateful for all the support you’re giving us! Happy 2011 everyone!!!

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